Thursday, February 29, 2024

100DT Tender Map, Tokens and Animation


So Nicco is working on the Tokens, Maps (of the Habitat), and Animation. We had to do the animation to illustrate how it's supposed to work and be used. As you can see in the previous pictures the Nacells allow the Tender to maneuver and orient its cargo. The huge clamp is necessary - you can't just have TINY fixed mounts and handle something so EXPENSIVE and valuable. I come from construction and manufacturing - material handling and logistics is a fascination of mine and I'd be embarrassed if I didn't apply my knowledge. 

Do you think people will want a Book detailing a 1-10 million DTON habitat for 10,000-100,000 people?

 Huge habitats are mass-produced to orbit new resource extraction hubs. Designed to be self-sustaining for centuries and can serve refugees and mass migrations. When you mine Jupiter - a world 300x the mass of earth with Jovian Forges: Tethers that Skim and plunge into the surface of Gas Worlds - to extract materials and resources - you are mining more resources than ever imaginable on a Terrestrial world.  The ability to produce Habitats that are effectively cities and industries - industries producing small self-contained worlds. 

Nicco and I, with the freelancers who like our projects - can make such a project. We just dont know if there is a market for it since it takes someone who is into economics, demographics, logistics, with 3D modeling and Design, and who can detail such worlds. 

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