Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Progress Update: Tender 100DT and Habitat Ring 200DT. Courier STL and 3mf files uploaded

An update. That's a 200DT ring and a 100DT tender. 200DT ring is like a motor home for the higher TLs when the incomes of the characters are greater. 

In earlier TLs like 2050s such a habitat is only owned by states.  

The internal ring is the one moving as well as the passageway that goes into the ring.

with a Stationary area - it allows for storage, docking station, as well as counter-balancing infrastructure. 

The system - ring and tenders are designed to be flexible. Ideally they slow down the spin and gravity on points of transition so that people do not suffer from the vertico too badly. 

some corrections. The passage tubes will be moved away from the non-moving core. The tube will be spinning along with the inner internal section. 
The outer and center is non-rotating. 

Some cases this is the ideal mode of travel. In some its what you see above.

The rings are modular. There are templates and standard designs that allow for expansion. We will have rules for less Thrust-1 when moving much larger objects. 
with drugs and inner-ear corrective modifications (like glasses for the inner ear, earphones that mitigate the nausea as well as surgery and smart prosthetics/cybernetics)
the Courier's 3mf and STL files are uploaded. You can get it in the Onedrive Folder that comes with the Mneme Space combat purchase (I hope you bookmark it, because prototypes and our other drafts that didnt make the cut is there for your own use if you still want it). 

Charles Jamer C. Pangindian is working on the Resin Files Folio:
Christian Tormes is working on the FDM files 

Their contact details for commissions will be included in the folder. 

This is by 

a hole for the stand.

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