Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Progress Update: Stl to 3mf, Tender and Ring, Ship Design mechanics

  1.  we cannot make the scale proportional or its going to be too big. So what happens is there is a RESIN and FDM file of each model and they start at 10DT (with 15mm for resin). for every Increase of size, we make a smaller increase or else we wont have space for the 5,000 or 2M dton assets. We will be using STL and 3mf
  2. We are going through revisions of the Tender: It has to be able to PULL or PUSH a ring. the ring typically has its spinning happening in a housing so that moving counterweights can counteract the Tennis Racket Effect.  It has to be spinning in the housing for so many other reasons and the space within the ring as docking and storage and farms. We have this concept called the "Ox Neck" the kind of structure you need the tender to have to Push or Pull a more massive object. 
  3. Wings of Honneamis - my research on Real world rockets and that the Ship design system allows for the recreation of the Early and Current Space race is key so that in settings where people are reconstructing lost technology and alternate technologies. Example the space race in Wings of Honneamis. 
  4. Scale
    1. 1 million seconds is 11 days
    2. 1 billion seconds is 32 years. 
    3. With environmental tech earth can hold tens of billions
    4. jupiter has the resources of thousands of earths - the habitat you see of 700m diameters could be 1 of millions. The economic activity producing Graphene superstructures for Rings and Space-elevators and Inertia Tethers (all are graphene based tethers used for the largest mega structures) could produce hundreds or thousands kilometers of such an earth day. (using a Bishops' Ring to create the day and night cycle)
    5. What is a Trillion Humans? check out Island Evolution Theory -imagine Sol with a Trillion humans spread out. 

34 million cubic meteres or about 2 million dtons. 

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