Friday, February 9, 2024

Mneme Ship Design - Part of Space Combat

Organizing all these notes so that I can make ships using a DTON bill of materials system is going to mean I have researched all the ships and found the best way to recreate these ships. 

Then I have to create tools and show how to calculate: Delta-V budget using ISP, Flow-rate, Thrust, and loaded Mass. With boosters which uses the Rocket Equation, I have to create the formulas  to be accessible.  

TLs work differently in Mneme

ProgramCountryMilestoneDateRocket (TL)Spacecraft (TL)
Sputnik 1USSRFirst artificial satelliteOct 4, 1957R-7 (TL 5)Sputnik 1 (TL 6)
Vanguard 1USAFirst US satelliteMar 17, 1958Vanguard (TL 5)Vanguard 1 (TL 6)
Vostok 1USSRFirst human in spaceApr 12, 1961Vostok-K (TL 6)Vostok 1 (TL 7)
Project MercuryUSAFirst US human in spaceMay 5, 1961Redstone (TL 5)Mercury-Redstone 3 (TL 7)
Apollo 11USAFirst moon landingJul 20, 1969Saturn V (TL 7)Apollo 11 Command Module (TL 9), Lunar Module (TL 8)
N1/L3USSRLunar flyby attempt, never reached moonJul 3, 1974N1 (TL 8)L3 (TL 9)
Mir-ApolloUSSR/USAFirst docking of Soviet and US spacecraftJun 29, 1995Soyuz-TM (TL 6)Mir (TL 7), Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (TL 7)
International Space Station (ISS)MultipleCurrently in operationNov 20, 1998Various (Soyuz, Space Shuttle, etc.)ISS (TL 8)
Tiangong ProgramChinaCurrently in operationApr 29, 2021Long March 5B (TL 7)Tiangong space station (TL 8)
Commercial Destinations in LEOPrivateVarious milestones reached2001-presentVariousSpaceX Crew Dragon (TL 8), Blue Origin New Shepard (TL 7)
Artemis ProgramUSAGoal: return humans to the Moon by 2025Dec 11, 2022Space Launch System (TL 8)Orion spacecraft (TL 9), Lunar Gateway (TL 8)

Delta-V calucations: there are two ways to calculate Delta-V. 
1) Acceleration * Time. This is mostly accurate if it were an electric car in an atmosphere with no air resistance, since there is very little mass difference when it uses up power from its batteries. 
2) Rocket equation: ISP * Gravity * Log (Initial or loaded Mass / Final or empty Mass). I never use logarithms in my work and at least AI can help me review concepts I never use. (Sadly if my work was physics based, then I would need practice for my basic EQ and thats harder to practice with an AI.) 

Rocket Equation for Every Stage added up will make the final Delta-V. 

Surface Area to Volume Ratio.  that some shapes have a particular Volume to Surface Area relationships, as well as a relationship to the longest dimension. This came into play when we were creating the STL files for Resin printing of Mneme Space Combat

a 10DT ship, 1/10 of a Scout is roughly 1/2 in leongth as the 100DT scout. While a Ship with 2x the volume (100DT to 200DT) will have about 25% more length. 

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