Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Designing the Mneme Ship Builder - Challenges

Mneme Ship builder has a key criteria for its design: I have to be able to create ships of the Space Race and present day (2024) with the system. At least close enough to the key ship Benchmarks: Apollo V space program, Space Shuttle Program, the Buran-Energia, the Soyuz, and the Space X Falcon rockets and its competitors, China and India.

Mneme Tech Level Table

1) Gravitic-Less: No artificial Gravity unless its through Acceleration and Spin. 
2) No Reactionless Drives. No infinit Delta-V aka the power to destroy planets that a gov’t can create. 
3) Ability to retell the space race and the incremental improvements that is achieved decade by decade until the cost per ton is a reasonable magnitude from that of air flight. if Air freight is about 2,000 usd per ton. then a Ton to Low Earth orbit is 200,000 usd. and then after Low-Earth-Orbit, the cost per tun is much lower since the gravity is much lower. The prices are aligned to Delta-V cost x Metric Tons. 
As well as the ability to give a demographic rate of growth to permanent space habitation. People spending decades of their lives working off-earth, even if they retire on earth. 
4) There has to be a tool for this. A web-based app, and HTML and JS file .


  1. Using the Specifications of the Ships in the following Programs:  Sputnik (1957), Apollo Programs - Saturn V rockets 1960-1973Space Shuttle Program 1972-1986 using the RS-25 rockets and the Solid Rocket BoostersShuttle-Mir Program 1993-1998 featuring the Soyuz Spacecraft and Soyuz RocketJupiter Rocket Family (2000s never really happened) and documenting the Chinese and Indian rockets and the competition of Space X. Using simulations if using "Simple Rockets 2" to make up for the 
  2. Relearning my Physics and Math after this long break. At least I have AI to help me organize my research and thoughts. Particularly helping communicate the concepts.  Delta-V calculation, Engine's Impulse, Rocket Equation, Escape Velocity calculations,   
  3. modeling each ship according to their TL increments. And building these into the Tech level mechanics. 
  4. Having staff that will help me program this while I try to maintain my current commitments: finishing all the CE SRD ships and creating HTML-JS tools to make Mneme World Generator, Ship Designer, Vehicle Designer and Character generator. 
Few would care, but this would give the foundational elements for the person to understand current rocket and space program challenges. 

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