Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Update: Double Checking the DTONS - Asteroid Miner 200DT

UPDATE: (view the gallery here)

In Mneme we try to make the ship fit the displacement tons in its stats. We have to take some liberties because if we made it really modular, the ships would look really different and they wont fit the aesthetic. Still its a pretty big challenge: 

Example the Mining Drone which has a 10DT Bay. Since 30% buffer is needed we had to be really generous with the space. 7DT but of course it needs a lot of space for the umbilical and servicing. So we have to take a bit of liberties. 

Hopefully people will appreciate the design and thought that went into this. We are currently working on creating 3d Printed prototypes of all the ships. As well as 3d Printing instructions. So those who took that risk to support us know that whatever improvement is uploaded into the product is not made separately. With Game in the Brain, we hope to return to the business model where you get a lot of value from the product. 

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