Thursday, January 25, 2024

Update: Asteroid Miner Progress and Mining Drone


earlier vversion above. 

  1. I cannot be tracked or wheeled since it assumes gravity, and it has to be able to grip the terrain. 
  2. Its not a Boring vehicle its like a mobile Drill bit and Vacuum, it will have an umbilical to transfer material from one place to another. It can transfer material from one Mining drone to another. -part of the use is Cutting up an asteroid. 
  3. How do you pick up the Powdery Asteroids if there is no Air? Well, I think it's critical that we have a clear intake, and it mechanically moves the materials into its intake and umbilical. 
  • New Module: Mining Laser. Its funny cause we have Lasers in our manufacturing plant (Fiber Laser), and we've been playing around with the Creality Laser module (just a 5W laser, we learned we needed a 40-100W to create PCBS) and h Tech Ingredients special on lasers
  • New module: ORe Processor. like the Fuel processor but for materials and processes at 1DT/hour. Similar stats in Dtons and space. 

  • As always this will be a Power Point file that will allow people to edit it, for further customization, imagining - Seth Skarkowsky - buying our stuff and making his tweaks  and since its CC-BY-SA he can easily go into a  lot of detail and not get in trouble. 

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