Sunday, January 7, 2024

what i did wrong - lessons learned for 2024 from 2023

There is very scant data for me to analyze, when it comes to learning what sells. the Mneme world generator I know sells as it hits silver this year. As for what will drive more people to adopt it, i can only guess accessibility.

So I have high praises for Seth Skorkowsky as when ever he reviews an adventure, he polishes it so much that I feel tempted to buy it immediately and run it. He cleans the maps, identifies plot problems (inconsistencies that will stall the game), and various other insights - I'm sure its not just him but his players pointing out errors in the writing. 

What Seth does is make the game more accessibile. I think thats what it all culminates as there is less and less reason why I or anyone should not just buy the product. I want to do what he does - and the really nice way he corrects it without turning people off the adventure. 

Well I want to do that to Cepheus Engine - coming from GURPS and having people have a hard time getting into GURPS - Cepheus engine fixes that by being more accessible. Not only are you able to make an adventure in Cepheus Engine - but you can publish that adventure. If your players really like it to the point that they leave reviews - then you have a great source of validation.

So what can I do to make Cepheus Engine more accessible - 

  1. well provide Creative Commons Art and Ships 
  2. tools to speed up character creation, ship creation, world creation
  3. tools to create scenarios someone who wants to improvise and challenge themselves (using RNGs). 
  4. accessible sample settings - not just any other setting but the open source setting which complements the tools and rules. 

Of course why didnt it work with Mneme Space Combat? I think its because space combat is not often done. I've read no complaints about space combat rules of any other CE system - and no one is perfect.  I have to guess, specifically conscious of my pain points when I run a CE game.

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