Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Designing the asteroid Miner 200DT


  1. it should be able to PUSH/TENDER an asteroid (burrowing to get near the center of mass of an asteroid when pushing).  
  2. it should be able to Carve Out CHUNKS from a larger asteroid. 
  3. it should be JUMP with an asteroid (burrowing to get near the center of mass of an asteroid). 
  4. It should be able to alter the asteroid's spin, if any. 
  5. It should deflect the trajectory of an asteroid or its chunk - so using a gravity well, it will push an asteroid to alter its course towards the direction it needs. It also will convert the mass of the asteroid into FUEL. 
  1. The whole asteroid is useful, inspired by Delta-V (Daniel Suarez) and Seveneves (Neil Stephenson). The economics of intrastellar space is a lot of material. 
  2. Ships are really more of drives pushing large chunks of material. FUEL - be it chunks of ICE or an asteroid with Volatiles - why do I need precious tonnage enclosing some stable fuels instead of being economical with my resources. 
  1. Boring Body to have a GRIP on the asteroid and possibly affect its rotation using the nacelle drives. 
  2. Nacelle drives, C-rated J and M and Power plants
  3. 2- Mining Drones 10DT each with umbilical. 
  4. The control center and bridge is modular, and not part of the drill body. It will adjust to allow more of the boring hull into the Asteroid. 
  5. 72DT of fuel and it can process the Asteroid for Fuel. 

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