Monday, January 22, 2024

Week 4 of 2024, Jan 22. Targets

Trying to think positive and not feel bad about the lack of sales. I want to post when there is an accomplishment, particularly something tangible.  I should promote my wares more, but I want to condition people that I have something relevant to report when I promote. 
  1. Uploading the new 300DT ship model to DTRPG. 
    1. Prepare the ships for upload and updating the Files. That will take a couple of hours of checking and zip and uploading.  
  2. Mneme Space Combat - 
    1. Update the Rules for the TENDER rules. Basically a Ship can carry up  Thrust and Jump if their Drives and Power Plant are up to it. These game changing rules are kinda a big deal since it makes ships more modular. Tendering habitat and cargo modules as well as explain how large volumes of material are Jumped into star system.  
    2. 200DT Mining Ship Concept. Nicco and I will be working on the 200DT mining ship, designed to push or drag 400DT of asteroid. 
  3. STL files of our ships. 
    1. Ill be getting some On-the-Job-Trainees from Industrial Design, I hope someone them are interested in a paid side project of helping me convert my ships into STL files. Starting with finishing the Merchant Trader and testing it. Particularly a telescopic mini stand, that will allow some levels of elevation. 
    2. I may have to train them in Blender and the workflows in blender. One of my other projects is FreeCAD and developing a process flow to set up FreeCAD and update it. This is a major project which I use the ojts for.  
  4. Finding an OJT interested in being hired for my Random Character gen project in Github. I have 5 potential candidates. I will have to teach them the workflow of testing and deploying and then illustrating the workflow of the Javascript in That would take a few days (of multi hour sessions). Then they can start improving the character gen. 
    1. When I finish the character gen: Random RAW and Step by Step but MNEME (making changes to make it automation friendly). i can proceed to the Mneme Variant Rules v2 where I stream line it and create Blender STL files of combat figs. 
    2. Other Softwares. Migrating the Mneme World Generator into Javascript Web. 
Hopefully it becomes a fulfilling week, if i get stuff done. 

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