Thursday, January 18, 2024

Update: the Internal maps of the 300DT Frontier Trader and Merchant Liner Done - Next Revamping the Asteroid Miner

Just excited as we are doing some finishing touches.

So the buyers have access to the Onedrive folder that has the latest and the prototypes Just need to note the Fuel Processors and Scoops.

300DT Frontier Trader editable files models and CC-BY-SA!!!

By Next Week Jan 22 I'll upload the model and the maps to DrivethruRPG (which is already available in the Onedrive Folder you have access to when you buy the book) . 

Now we begin work on the Asteroid Miner... which is not going to be RAW.

It uses a homebrew of Tender Mechanics - basically, your jump drive and fuel determine the amount of DTONS total you can jump or thrust with. So if you are a 200DT ship with a J-Drive and M-Drive C you can jump-1 and thrust-1 with 60DT of fuel. 

So Mining Ships "Tender" Asteroids much bigger than it and moves the WHOLE thing or Breaks up a large chunk to move towards its target destination. Its Mining Drones (increased to 2 from 1 and we will make a Model of it) will process ice and volatiles for fuel and supplies. They will have an umbilical.

So from 86DT of cargo its just 23 and the Mining ship is 88MCr - but this is designed to move stuff bigger than it. 400DT of  siliceous 11,200 Tons of material to be sifted.

The tender system will help explain how red and brown stars are built up to be Jump points for Shorter-ranged ships. As well as how a 400DT system defense boat got there.


Larger Engines and more MODULAR cargo. So afer the Asteroid Miner 200DT is the research Vessel (Merchant Trader 200DT hull with minor tweaks, the way Cargo vessels are converted to research vessels).  

We have a 200-400DT Habitat Ring, we will use Instancing in Blender that allows us to create a "Projection" of the Staterooms and Labs on the ring as you can make objects follow a curve - while the ACTUAL model will be flat so that Referees and Buyers can easily change and Manipulate the Layout of the ring. 

We will include the Habitat and Tender in Mneme World Generator because its a habitat! Its reasonable especially since buyers who made MWG silver are greatly appreciated. If your not into ships well you will be getting a free ship in MWG!  We will later on include the BOSCO after we hit Copper for mneme Space Combat (Remind me or feel free to call me out if I forget).  


Ill be running combat with Particle Beam Weapons mostly to see how effective they are over Beam Lasers.  At 3D6 damage its so much more effective than missiles, I want to test if I should check if I should Half damage at its extreme range (x0.5).  People pay for the product that its tested.  

Sorry for the late update, I only meet with Nicco for progress after my regular work. 

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