Friday, January 1, 2010

What you need, what you want

gaming preferences. GURPS can have a TON of detail. Here is a thread that discusses the two opposing views: Detail or Bust.

Looking closely at the discussion, I feel that it all boils down to: Time. While others may demand more details and others don't, time is the only thing constant in the two views. Others like spending their time making characters and details for their world. This is ok and a phase many gamers go through, but then there are other options for use of the time.

Gaming for me is a social activity as much as a shared puzzle and story. I like meeting new people and getting to know them through the decisions they make. My attitude is highly compatible with newbies and casual gamers, which was very different 2 years ago.

People tend to adopt their hobbies to what is optimal given their situation. Those who don't have time to flesh out a level of detail are those who have better uses for their time. Then there are those who can do the work for detail, but must understand they cannot attach the same expectations for those who have different priorities.

We all have unique circumstances and one cannot expect the same standards from others (unless agreed to). Of course, this goes as far as GM-craft as well.

Note that detail is just one of the many fundamental aspecs/skills of GMing. There are far more than just detailing that requires just as much or more work like organization, player management, story telling, improvisation, manipulation, role-playing, theatrics etc...

Personally, I find the other stuff is more usable outside the Game Table and I can practice at work and in daily living. Detailing is something I cannot relate to other people and the closest thing I have to "detailing" that is useful outside game is learning unique deviations and aberrations of the norm in history. The odd facts or too in history makes for an interesting element in bringing authenticity to the game world.

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