Thursday, January 14, 2010

Too much Role-playing in Real Life

After learning Game Theory basics I've begun to pursue my own studies into it. I have to blend some actual "work" into my fun, and that can be a problem. Still, it is worth a try and I'm curious what new perspective this exercises will give me.

The title has a link to Harvard Business School Press: role plays. They are complex business scenarios that require a background way over my head. If you have a chance to read it, you'll notice that there are a lot of things one can take away from this.

The organization and the systems they use in negotiating (beyond the number crunching) is something graspable in role-playing gamers. Even more graspable if your the type who has the skills to research what these terms mean and see the potential relationship to your games.

Knowing it is out there, and the chances that I might not get it, It wouldn't hurt to try and see for myself. Who knows, I might get lucky.

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