Monday, January 11, 2010

Making the Game fit how you observe Life and Challenges

Making Theories fit Facts instead of Making Facts fit Theories. This is why I play GURPS. The science that makes up the system is perfect for my scientific predisposition. I like a system that is so nerdy in science that it allows me to follow that intellectual discipline.

I'm big on science and learning. I have a cluttered mind so I need to make it more efficient by throwing things out I can't use for anything else. GURPS and the facts I remember are mostly useful facts I can use in everyday life.


Hiking rules that was cleared up in a mega thread and fixed in GURPS High Tech. I remember the rules because it follows basic land travel principles that allow me to plan hiking trips and our military simulation exercise. This is an instance of the Game being shaped to fit Facts.

Soldiering, Adventuring, Organization and Leadership. In business and in warfare these topics are interconnected. Project management and organization requires a lot of study, insight and observation. Since MUCH of adventuring is trouble shooting what I learned in Games and in Business and Miltiary Process are compatible with each other.

Armors and Weapons. Reading up on historical armor weight. My study into Armors led me to a more detailed study on metals and manufacturing which is usefull for my real-world work.

Wealth and Social Class. This was very insightful. My understanding of economics, the human condition, poverty, health, technology etc. all enhance my understanding of Socio-Econimics which allows me to use the language of GURPS to express these ideas efficiently to other people in games and help my surrounding communities.

Social and Psychological Disadvantages. Understanding our human nature more and more, I am able to best role-play or simulate these disadvantages. I also use it to best deal with people through allocentrism.

Often I shape the game to fit the Facts and Observations I have made. This turn around has freed me up of useless facts and knowledge and allowed me to build up my ability to enjoy life and the Games.

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