Monday, January 18, 2010

Kingdom of Jerusalem problems

I've complained about the limited material available regarding the Latin Kingdom of Syria also known as "the Kingdom of Jerusalem". Interestingly my collection of locales far exceeded my the Medieval Demographic tools... so I thought.

There was 102 locales listed in the comparison of several maps. Although there are only supposed to be 7 cities, and 30 towns. Then i realized that castles were something seperate and made up the power center of strategically relevant locales.

Adding the 72 castles put me at 109! So All the locations that don't fit the "town" are basically castles supported by villages and some manors. The excess castles are ruins.

Palestine has been settled and fortified for over 600BCE (and earlier), that would be about 1900 years, bumping up the number of castles to 72!

It is slowly coming together. I'll first focus on the Kingdom of Jerusalem's 39 locales. Then detail a narrow plot of interwoven villages and castles, near a town based on the level of map detail I can make.

Going through the book, I already mined some classic story ideas for a campaign. I plan to start with the timeline after the empire's rebirth at 354 (1453 CE). PCs are several professional soldiers/adventurers at the beginning of an adventure.

Crusades by Zoe Oldenbourg
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