Saturday, January 16, 2010

Detailing the Kingdom of Jerusalem

I updated my byzantine blog. Its a specific blog about my altered history byzantine project: Sins of the Crusade. I have to say how hard it is to research on the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Being short-lived really affects the amount of material available about it.

One trade off, concerning GM prep time, is the size. At about 22,000-66,000 sq. km it is one of the smallest kingdoms I've had to read. The maps have a lot of key biblical towns (I assume towns) and locations.

I really have to wing so much, which should be good RIGHT? Unfortunately my compulsive keeps dragging all across the web to follow-up every possible hint of detail. I'm trying to stay on a budget of time and money, I don't want to give in to an urge to spend $50 on another obscure historical book to be delivered all the way to the Philippines. I should be content with Zoe Oldenburg's Crusades.

Such "details" just delay the potential to game and serves no real purpose of having fun in the soonest possible condition. Arggg...

Anyway, I can't wait to fix it up. Massive loss of life (wars) can slow down and in the setting, it is supposed to be 15C but tech has not moved much since the 11C. No plate armor here, especially given the climate.

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Anarchangel said...

Interesting stuff. Have you posted a bibliography anywhere?