Sunday, September 12, 2021

Being that Annoying Pedantic Guy - Role Playing Operations

I dont know how many people need things to be in a System - where relationships and key terms are established. I like tweaking game systems that I bring it in the context of the Real-world. 

 In PMBOK, IT, QA, Construction and Manufacturing the following are KEY Terms I find in how I run Traveller games  when talking about Ship Operations:

  1. Defect Repair
  2. Work Arounds
  3. Rework 
  4. Preventive Actions.  
  5. Corrective Actions
  6. Different types of Maintenance
  7. Refurbishing 
  8. Upgrades
  9. Machining 
  10. Designing
  11. Cross Training. 

Cross Training. The more you are at a lower economic level of self-sufficiency the more Multi-Disciplinary one tends to be. IT and Tradesmen tend to learn A LOT of each others jobs. Because of Economic Necessity. Specialization is a Luxury and economic factors bear down on us like gravity - people being multi-disciplinary and self-sufficient. Specialization is the Exception but multi-dsiciplinary is the rule. 

I'm weirded out that Crews that are SO SMALL don't realize that their lack of Cross-Training increases their Fragility. 3 man crew needs to be freaking cross-trained. Everyone in a 3 shift day is doing everyone's job. 

Yes the Engineer will suck at piloting and navigation, but he wont get better until he gets practice and feedback. The Pilot is going to suck doing maintenance, but he doesn't understand the consequences of his resource decisions unless he understands its impact on the engine. The Navigator would suck doing the Administration and Expenses Tracking - but that is context what Celestial Systems they will go to. 

When I been told by people that they want to specialize there was a hidden context that they want to be in SILOS - they don't want the other departments to bother them. I get that but that's not how to world works. If you have ONE skillset one value is severely limited. I'm the son of the owner and I have to juggle IT, manufacturing, construction, Diplomacy, and Creative work. If I want people to have Work-Life-Balance they should work with each other to Make Time by having Cross-Training so someone can go on Leave, People can work together since they have the same skill to tackle the problem, and they can Get Feedback from each other if there is something they missed. 

Imagine if Everyone cannot do everyone else's - so the Pilot Cannot Check the Engineers Work, act as a second pair of eyes, the Engineer cannot Check the Navigator's calculations etc... Having no one to Check is a really terrible system. 

I don't know where people are expected to just do a Job and by themselves, they can tell if its Good or Works when So Much of the Disciplines Called Requirements Management is about FEEDBACK. Heck QA is all about Feedback as well. Where did these Strange unsustainable and unrealistic assumptions come from and Why did I get fed this Bull Crap or Why do I see it in Some System Assumptions. 

Redundancy is very important because of Concepts of Rework, Defect Repair, and Human Factors. 

"Repair" in battle is not REPAIR but Work Arounds. Temporary repairs that cannot be sustained for long periods. 

I check the Purchase Requests, the bill of Materials, the Designs and plans and I'm a Media Graduate lolz. I come from an Arts Degree. I pull up the log Files and check the log errors with Google. 

Its just weird watching Essential Craftsman and IT and Science shows and remember the SILO bullshit. 

Reminds me about the Bullshit about having an R&D department and the mistaken assumptions many people had about what is R&D. much longer story. 

Imagining I was 20s and the GM rewired how I saw the world when I was taught TRPGs. 

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