Monday, September 6, 2021

Today I Learned: Stars and Wishes.

8/22/2018 Stars and Wishes

Today I learned about Stars and Wishes technique used to get feedback about the game so that there is an opportunity to develop and grow in the hobby.  I got this from Phil Corpuz, who then learned it from Mathew Arcillia. 

It reminds me at work where we reframed all the weak areas as Opportunities - it sounds like I'm pulling my punches but at the same time I realize people get overloaded as it is and sometimes a framing weak areas as an opportunity is what more people need.

Also, it shifts the mindset in Dwelling in the Fault or Weak Area and Focusing on the ACTIONS that move us toward exploiting the Opportunity (exploit opportunity is a PMBOK term).  

Its harder get to the "Call for Action" or Actionability with just the Intial Mental Shock of the Weak Area. If we assume people are processing the problem then we should factor the Mental Load of the Weak area and the flaw. Moving quickly to the Action and opportunity for Improvement is just the Kind Thing to Do. We don't want to Dwell and Disproportionally fixate on the Weak Area. 

One of the things I realized why Post Session feedback is less done is because of the Time Management habits in previous iterations of the Hobby. That games stop when the GM or Players cannot schedule and we could not Close off any lose ends. Why - that meditation as to how can do we not give each other more opportunities to grow and develop? 

Wishes and requests and not commands. Interesting looking at this as a negative - if you begin thinking that a Wish or an Opportunity to improve or develop is a "reframed weak area" then having a Lot of Wishes area  Negative - which is an unfair view when think about it. Dont we all wish so much for things we love? So I realized that this method is a great way of allowing people to grow in their enjoyment of both the hobby and playing with other people. I think that would be something great over all. 

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