Monday, September 27, 2021

Preview of On Going work - Maintenance Summary

I dont know if anyone feels terrible when they didn't see a Rule that was about, lets say, about Maintenance but didn't read or do a word search of the entire book to look for anything related to maintenance. 

That recalling a rule feels like an exam and something was written about it outside the chapter and I didn't read it and i feel so bad not having been more thorough. As well as the Implications of all these rules when you put them together in one page - the gaps, the conflicts, the issues, etc... 

I feel like that. I love hyperlinking on a PDF and using my iPad to jump to different sections of the book because I hyperlinked different sections that relate. 

Original Maintenance Rules

  • Skills Engineering CESRD p.51

  • CESRD p. 127 Ship Crew Requirements. 1 engineer per 35 tons of drives and powerplant. 

  • Maintenance Cost per year is (CESRD p109) Ship Cost/1000 or Ship Cost x 0.001

    • Per month Cost = Ship Cost/12,000 or Ship Cost x 0.000083

    • Per week Cost = Ship Cost/48,000 or Ship Cost x 0.000021.

    • The Per Week Cost of Maintenance takes a Week’s Shift (40 hours) to Implement (The Labor of getting the Maintenance Consumables into the Ship). 

  • If maintenance is neglected roll 2D6 plus (Months Skipped) and on an 8+ (rolling high is bad) the ship takes damage, rolling on the System Degradation Table (p. 109) for the hits, and Rolling the Table Space Combat Hit Location (p. 160)

  • Cr 10,000 /DTON of Repair Supplies.  CESRD p.109

  • Need CLass-C Port or Better to perform repairs CESRD p.172

  • Repair Damaged System in Space Combat CESRD p.154 

  • Take note of Battlefield Repairs (this is known as Workarounds) will break down as soon as the Battle is over. see CESRD p. 154

  • See Repairs in CESRD p. 103

    • System Damage: 1D6 hours to repair with the appropriate skill (Electronics, Engineering, Gravitics, Mechanics) and Spare Parts. Each unit of Spare Parts can be used for one “hit” of damage.

    • Destroyed Systems cost 2d6x10% the cost of the components to repair. 

      • Requiring a Workshop and Specialist Materials (see CESRD p. 172 Starport Class Services)

    • Note that Spare Parts are in p.109

    • Hull Damage: 1D6 hours to repair one “hit” of hull damage with one unit spare parts. 

    • Structural Damage: 1D6 x10 

If I want Players to be Clever and Feel Clever - they will take the rules and pretty much Test them and stretch its limits. They will take a constraint and figure out how to overcome the constraint. If they need reaction mass to move from A to B, they will look at the gear and consider what of their gear they need to throw. Good mechanics give another layer of information and context players can do clever and exciting things with. 

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