Sunday, September 19, 2021

Slowly learning - Simple Rockets and how it relates to Traveller

Q: If the earth requires 11KMs Escape velocity, when I achieve it at 11.1KMs đš«V does that mean I have the remaining 0.1KMs to travel?

"Once escape velocity is achieved, no further impulse need be applied for it to continue in its escape. In other words, if given escape velocity, the object will move away from the other body, continually slowing, and will asymptotically approach zero speed as the object's distance approaches infinity, never to come back.[2] "

A: Yes and No.
Yes - If I dont achieve EV, my speed will diminish.
No - If I achieve EV I continue at that speed or greater if I choose to accelerate.

Mah brain -
I keep thinking đš«V as a COST a of energy since If I move one direction with 100m/s I need to stop with 100m/s the opposite way.

EV is a Threshold that when passed, the gravity gonna stop it anymore.

Especially since I learned that Thrust (N) - Wt (kg*9.8) is the NET thrust used to calculate escaping from gravity. Its like I already paid the cost of Gravity because of my Diminished Accel. 

trying to figure out why my rocket won't launch. 

Discovering i need to use "Relaunch" to change to a Runway instead of a Launch pad. 
The difference of a 4MN rocket engine and a 0.26MN Rocket engine. I wish I can put rockets side by side so I can understand the scale. 

I got the simple beast to low earth orbit, but i didn't know how to steer. There is enough delta v to escape earth? This is hard. 

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