Monday, January 28, 2013

Burned out and Done; GURPS lite Digest for Medieval games

Its a bit messy, and needs some fine-tuning but it will have to do.  I am tired and stressed out, and happy that I can put this project behind me. Maybe i'll look back on it in another year, because I can't remember them anymore.

Final tally

  • 109 pages
  • I put an index using the insert tables and index entry tool. 
  • Statement sized paper
  • Still needs some polishing, hopefully there is a command that allow me to reference an entry. 
  • Learned a lot in organization and layout.

if SJ games would make this into a letter sized booklet with art, it would be about 70 pages or hit their 14USD price range.

I was supposed to make a Character generation system inspired by traveller char gen. I just have to dig up and edit all my old templates. I also have to look for good life event tables.


Douglas Cole said...

Are you going to submit it as a proposal?

justin aquino said...

I wish, I'm using the momentum to finish my other Digest project - my open-source rpg system. If someone uses my stuff to make money as a proposal, I don't mind (they are free to ask it from me). I think it would do more psyche damage to try to please someone like SJgames with my work, than to please myself by accomplishing a long term Ideal. the freedom of having a day job LOL!