Wednesday, January 9, 2013

FATAL RPG has some historic credence

I've only heard of FATAL RPG from the Rape Jokes in Happy Jacks "Roll for Anal Circumferance"... rape even in a more rights aware country in the 19C has a disturbing pattern.

from a reddit Thread

tinyshadowAmerican Race Relations 1880s-1910s 198 points  ago
Gosh, that is a good question, and the answer is just what you are suggesting. Poor women and girls were frequently abused in the 19th century, especially when separated from their patriarchs. Here's an interesting mini-chapter on the Child Protection System in America from early colonial times to now. It shows how little the law could protect women and girls, and how American society and the government has tried to protect them over time.
In New York City, between 1790 and 1876, between a third and a half of rape victims were under the age of 19; during the 1820s, the figure was 76 percent. The historian Lynn Sacco found more than 500 published newspaper reports of father-daughter incest between 1817 and 1899. An 1894 textbook, A System of Legal Medicine, reported that the “rape of children is the most frequent form of sexual crime.”
Most of the above info in the quote comes from Crimes against Children Sexual Violence and Legal Culture in New York City, 1880-1960 by Stephen Robertson.
Although the quote doesn't state it immediately, I'm certain that most of the women are working class due to their location in New York City (a center for diversity but also industrialization and dense lower-class populations).
Imagine what happens in a people who were not rights conscious? Where there is ignorance these things happen more often.

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