Sunday, January 13, 2013

Many Small Topics

Secret Rolls, and Trust Issues
Recruitment for Mass Combat
Just learned Alphabetical Index tools
Digest Sized GML

Secret Rolls and Trust Issues
With smartphones I realized, i can ask a player to roll blindly and take a picture of that roll with a hand writen time stamp signed by the player.

Some players are superstitious, and have trust issues. Until these can be overcome, while maintaining the information asymmetry important in having non-meta gaming response, I had to think of many ways I can ease players into letting me do their rolls.

Personally i dont want to take away the chance to roll dice, its a game and if I have fun rolling a die myself I don't want that to be taken away from the player. Its irrational, I know, but I'm having fun and its I've proposed a harmless solution.

Another option is a Dice Roller online, where he sends me the results. I'm convinced that I should use chat technology to distribute notes in game, particularly using my phones 3G or wifi if that is available.

GURPS Mass Combat - recruitment
Recruitment - of Units follow a metric, where in a given area and population One in every X amount can be recruited for Y unit. This means Fighting Persons are typically 1 out of 100, replenishing at a rate of 1 out of 400 every year.

Over-drafting the population will result in a lot of problems - basically if timed poorly it can severely limit food production. Note that it takes 90% of the population to work the fields enough for a very small surplus for trade.

Learning to Use Alphabetical Index in LIbre Office
Just got around to learning to use it. I'm editing my game's GURPS lite right now. Brilliant tool, and its doubly awesome its free!

Digest Size Version
I am currently trying out a Digest Size version of the GML (GURPS Medieval LITE) . I am able squeeze about an hour into working on it. I started adding an Index. I forgot what were the items I had to fix, so I need to investigate the doc again. I now how to figure out how to layout Landscape pages in the middle of a document.

LibreOffice Bugs
* cannot style pages - i cannot mix portrait and lanscape pages.
* index entries disappear when I load the page again... so all my effort in adding indexes are lost. :((

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