Monday, January 7, 2013

Setting up a game these days

Metromanila has terrible traffic. I consume the happy jack's podcast quite voraciously because of that. Also we all don't have good Internet. I have good Internet but my availability is after work, so it's not like I can game with people outside my time zone. another problem, is that me time is at most 4 hours (6pm to 10pm). I should wrap up a game in about 2 hours. If the game drags on too long, I'll get in trouble and don't have time to go home and prep my kid for bed.

Metro Manila is pretty dry when it comes to gaming. It would be hard to coordinate if we are not accessibly to 10-20mins to our desired place. I have the advantage of being my own boss and being able to set my meetings outside the day I plan to run the games, I actually have to budget for 1-2 extra hours to get to the location and pick up my brother.

Anyway things are moving slowly, I really need to meet and have coffee with all my potential players. I've asked friends who want to help me set up a game to refer those he can't entertain, I just want to talk to them over coffee to see if we are a good fit. Strangely these encounters are pretty fun since its my gamer side, and my analyst side doing an evaluation if we can get on the same page.m

Regarding my game, my brother wants to use a Mul aka half dwarf. I just follow the half Orc and half elf in PF with regards to the dwarf. It takes very little rules tweaking because it's just a simple comparative exercise.

Maybe I should take it further by allowing Half goblins with halflings or gnomes, what would you call that? Or half gnome and halflings? Or various other racial combinations to keep things interesting and break stereotypes.

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faoladh said...

Is a half-halfling a quarterling?

(OK, it's an old joke, probably from an old White Dwarf or Dragon. I don't remember exactly.)