Saturday, May 2, 2020

A lifetime ago i could draw

What did I learn?
  1. Using an Ipad6 with 2GB ram of about 500usd would take twice to thrice as long as an Ipad 12.9” with 2000usd (philippines). But these are not as good as having a Cintique worth 3,000-4,000usd plus the tools. I cannot stand the hard tip of the Apple pen clicking against the surface of the tablet and the lack of friction. RAM, feedback and the creation and management of Layers is a skill in itself. 
  2. Doing this only about 4 hours is nothing compared to someone who does this for 50-80 hours a week. As well as having had the 10k hours of experience since their 30s. 
  3. It is possible to do art in the Ghibli style inspired but there are a lot of Detail Compromises. Looking at Miyazaki’s comics vs his Anime - armor is will have to be caped or cloaked over.The real masterpieces are the setting Paintings which can be rendered from 3d and applied filters.  
  4. I really cant do 3-5 more pictures without really investing more in equipment. The speed and feedback matters, too difficult and its frustrating and draining. Put in perspective this is just me trying to have fun. This was fun-ish till it wasn't. 

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