Sunday, May 31, 2020

Shameless Plug

I dont know who still reads Gaming Blogs or listens to them using Text-to-Speech Apps. I think people my age are into podcasts now, but sometimes prefer blogs when they dont have the time and want to skip tot he meat by scanning for key words. Is the overlapping Blog where I go to far outside Gaming and tend to talk about work and how I see work with the lens of a gamer. 

Know that I’m in my 40s and this is the same thing to me - its like I didnt grow up - I’m still a kid with just better toys or more experience with the toys I have now. All these skills are toys - to make a better game experience and gamify life to create a sense of agency, control, and acceptance of all things that dont make sense. 

I also have a youtube channel when I do gaming and work rants. I try to structure it - but I really have terrible working memory and my priorities are tangled with the need to make money and the needs of my attention to do only things my attention wants to do. The mess that is my skillset and perspective is the mess of being lucky enough to have enough and surviving to cultivate skillsets that are useless in the market - Gaming skills. 

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