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Cepheus Engine Tinkering - Scale, Size, Range, and Velocity.

So there are some Tailoring (PMBOK term) I want to do with CE to make it easier for me to run. Every GM is different as they all have their own baggage and what shunts them out of their immersion.
One of my main recurring problems in studying CE is referencing the Distance Scale. I want to draw from the GURPS lesson as Unifying all these into one system. Its this problem -thus- use this solution.


Sensors and Ranges Bands can be better simplified with a single system.
I don't want to use a different range band for Personal Ranged Combat and Space Combat.
I don't want to reference at the table all the time or memorize a table.
  • a factor of 2 difficulties is 3x (3.334x) the previous difficulty. If I know 30m is difficulty 8 I just x3 or /3 every 2 difficulties. Also since the level is 2x the difficulty 
  • Every Scale of 1000 is made up of 6 levels. from ones to the last hundreds before the next 1000. If I know if scale (three zeros) I can pretty much figure out the difficulty and level. 
  • I can use this for Speed and Size and Distance. 
    • So A Planet Travelling (Jupiter 70k km, level 10; travelling 13km/s = 9 Lvl), and I'm detecting it as far as (5.2 AU, level 25). 10+9 -25 = -6 
    • Now I want it that any Civilian Ship entering a system like earth can immediately spot Jupiter when it arrives in a system its never been in. So I can say it offsets 12 difficulties (or 6 levels).
    • Detecting a Car level 1, traveling or 2.6km per second level 7. from Pluto -25 = -17. Since the sensors can negate -6 the difficulty is -10 or 20 difficulty. (or -20 DM). 
    • Everything in a Light Minute of the Ship (level 21), with civilian sensors (-6). at 19 difficulties. Any ship with 1G thrust accelerating at 10 hours is a velocity of 360km/s for a total of level 10. The smallest dimension of the ship is level 3. 13-19 = 6 = 12 difficulty to detect.
    • Everything a light Second 18 (from 21). makes everything average to easier than a Light Minute. 
    • Maybe I should make it higher than +6lvl bonus or +12 level bonus. Maybe 10 because its a computer its trying again and again per second (Hz). So like maybe the computer on the ship modifiers the Sensors. 
  • Jump Points pre Calculates this. that the Jump point is the point in the System where the Factors are well understood. Anything beyond the Jump has a gradation of difficulty in making Jump calculations. It simplifies the GM's job of saying what Sensors can pick up when they enter a System
  • As something Accelerates it becomes easier to detect. So I think I have to predefine the Accel. so 90km/s produced with 6 minutes of 30G (300m/s^2) = 10 or 11 level. I'll simplify it as a +6 to the level.   I'll figure it out and simplify it. 
  • Active Sensors - how they work 
  • in simplification
    • Get Distance, Size, and Spd (m/s). Get the Level.
    • in levels: ( Distance minus Sensor minus Size minus Speed )x2 = Difficulty. < 4 automatic. > 12 but its possible for the crew with sensor skills allow them to roll depending on the Time Scale.*
    • Distance (light second) 18lvl minus Sensor 10lvl, Size 3lvl (200T ship), moving 10 (Accel 10ms^2 for 1 hour). Automatic detection. Rolling probably during Light Minute Distant.  

I also want to Combine Size (the smallest dimension) and Speed.
Basically using a uniform Scale,

Mili Light Second
18>300KkmLight Second
21>10MkmLight Minute
23>100MkmAstronomical UnitEarth to Mars
24>300MkmMars to Jupiter

*Time Scale

The GM determines what the Time Scale is before Players Act. 
So Scales are the following: 
Seconds, Rounds, Minutes, 10mins, hours, hoursx4, days, weeks etc...
So if automatic success happens in 1 minute then the time scale is rounds. 
I'll point out that Distractions Increase as Time-Scale increases. Which is my problem in REAL life lolz. So some tasks have diminishing returns after greater and greater time scale. 
I will definitely Break up sessions into Time Scales. So players get their Spotlight, Priorities are Priorities, I can add risks to multitasking (as time scale increases distractions increase and multi-tasking is harder). 


I want the same Scale but in Hz. Program and Tasks are simple upfront calculations. Processing power from Personal Devices and Ships and Capital Ships are going to be around this Scale. The Computing Power of an Imperial Cruiser when entering a Jump Point of a System should be that actively hiding from the Jump Point (factoring Light Delay; you hid 10 minutes ago when Light takes 20 minutes to  get to the New Arrival lolz).

200504 GITB Blender Ship Design 2.8

So like the Earth Sea Drawing, I'm going to give modeling a go (I've done this before a long time ago). So I set up blender and build a low Poly ship based on Imphenzia's really helpful tutorials. I already did the screenshots of the tutorials and will probably upload it here when done setting mine up. 

My goal is to
  1. Make a Low Poly Ships with a Vertical Axis or Thrust Axis Orientation. - if I can make this depending on how burned out I am I'll see if I will continue. Very simple design of a Hex Tube. 
  2. Build the Templates and Settings that allow me to retry and Try. So failure and screwing up has low technical debt. 
  3. Use the same UV-mapping to make 1.5m hex or square Cut aways of the ship. 
  4. Open Source these Ships designs and Files. 
  5. Time and Motion the Learning of this. How much time realistically and with what kind of low powered computer I'm using (Asus X555Q 2018 with AMD A12 or my 2009 Lenovo desktop lolz). 
Things I want to see (all low Poly). 
  1. With the Volume Plug in I want to know how much Reaction mass and how it would look like.
    1. how much and how cheap do drop tanks have to be for it to be standard?  
  2. What if it had Modular Components. See Video showing that its Easier to Extend a cruise ship than building a bigger one.  (assuming the Spine is reinforced). 
  3. Model Maintenance Drones with 360" orientation. 
  4. Model Vacc Suits. (I share MrEverything's gripe lolz; but I am aware there is a Type of GM who runs traveller - the world builder can have very particular tastes. )
  5. Peripheral Equipment in 5-10 minutes and upload it in my public drive. 
  6. What if just a Live (google meet recorded session) Modeling Session with another Tinkerer-World Bulder who will use Imphenzia's techniques to do a quick 5-10 minute model. A fellow noob who will try to build simple things. 20 mins max, compare notes, and make more stuff. If this works I'll probably do requests (within reason and the low Poly anyway there is a Ghibli 3d Inspired model aesthetic Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch). Imagining traveller in Cartoony 3d of Ghibli (Nausica) aesthetic would be pretty awesome and will sustain me for a bit. 

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