Sunday, May 31, 2020

Criteria to make my Careers Consistent.

I realize that anyone can tinker with this, and change the "Controlling Stat" depending on the "Culture" of the Entity/Institution. Someone can just change the INT to a CON and say this group doesn't innovate and they simply pour ungodly amount of hours to their work. Or they don't use CON, they use CHA instead because there is enough skill and resources and coordinating these (with relationships) is what determines Survival or Advancement. 

Its world building when the Player or GM decides to change the values. 

Note I'll be using 3d6 instead of 2d6 and Using 8 instead of 7 stats. Str, Dex, End, Int, Edu, Soc and Psi is replaced with Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha, Soc and Psi. 

Actually I just realize I can just roll a d6 to choose the Stat with this criteria when I'm stuck, this Criteria can be used as a justification. Navy is... rolling 1d6, 3 = Con to survive. naval security operations is a lot of long hours of inspections, checking and maintenance in distant outposts with a lot of DIY. or I can roll a 6, its Cha - and Navy is about cultivating a team/schmoozing to survive. 

NOTESWhat the job tends to look for as its minimum requirement.
STRPhysically Impressive Specimen.
DEXImpressive Reflexes and Coordination.
CONAble to withstand hazing and difficult physical conditions
INTTesting high in IQ and Aptitudes.
WISManagement of weaknesses and behavior in very stressful environments.
CHAMaking and managing relationships
SOCBelongs to the right clique, circles, and privileged group.

NOTESWhile all jobs can be all these different challenges at different times, which is the reason that determines the person survives or how they typically fail to survive.
STRif survival is determined by how big and strong the character is compared to the rest of the population. if the amount of work cannot be broken down into smaller chunks.
DEXif survival is determined by constantly having reflexes and precision tested. Data Entry and Controls fall under Dex, drone operators, gunners, pilots fall under dex.
CONif the job requires doing the long hours (80-100 hour weeks) or working in punishing conditions (a lot of EVA work; Hazardous Environments).
INTif the job has a lot of Technical sophistication and acquiring key skills.
WISif the job has a very Stressful environment and High commitment work.
CHAIf survival depends on relationships made along the way and getting along.
SOCIf survival is about resources and privileges.

NOTESHow do you stereotype the people who advance in the job?
STRWhen the leaders are the biggest and baddest. An example would be Low-Tech Warriors or Marines.
DEXWhen those with seniority have the best reflexes - and best in manipulating controls. Bridge Crew and Operators.
CONWhen the seniors or leadership are known for the hostile environment or stim-laced weeks of work.
INTWhen the seniors have "Built" new techniques, practices, and tools.
WISWhen those in who advances are characterized by their Commitment, Balance, or Self-Control.
CHAWhen leadership is charming, highly likable, or commanding.
SOCWhen leadership positions are "Inherited" or by their legitimacy.

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