Friday, May 22, 2020

Tinkering around with CE SRD Spreadsheets

Having a chance to Sleep on it, it being the Spreadsheet for CE ship building. The great thing about SRDs is that fixing loose ends are easier without the distraction of the legal implications. 

Controls12.00 DT
Defenses2 DT
Engineering24.00 DT
Hull10.00 DT
Lifesupport54.00 DT
Load97.40 DT
Grand Total199.40 DT

CategorySUM of IFCOST
Grand Total$56,523,334

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  1. Any Benefits in "Engineering" should be reflected in Engineering man-Days or manpower. Example Repair Droids, Repair Bots, Self-Sealing etc.. Auto-Repair Program (which should be bundled with the Repair Drone IMO) in Engineering Crew Actions. Like a Repair Drone equals X number of EVA manhours lolz. 
  2.  I learned that the "Basic" Merchant has only 2 weeks of fuel. This assumes distances of 1-3 of System Transit PLUS the 1 Week Jump In CE and MgT1! Thats a tight deadline with no misjump problem or engineering hang-ups. 
  3. Mining Drones = Salvage Drones  and mining itself would mean a very different set of overhead and specialized tools. 
  4. what if sandcasters actually a railgun that accelerated iron infused sand at speeds enough to make thrust lolz. NA - its better to use Chaffe Filled Missiles than Sand casters. 
  5. At High Relative velocities and 1-6Gs of Accel - Missiles are great Chase Armaments than actually any offensive armaments. If distances are really far bomb-pumped torpedoes make more sense and missiles trying to intercept these as well. 
  6. Ranges and Schelling points are parts of Light Seconds to Light Miliseconds.  I have to fix all the Range Related mechanics from Sensors, Weapons, and Equipment (Drones). Maybe the Pricing of Probes need to go up.  Will try to Model this in Blender to get the 2.8 cu.m of Probes (assuming 95% propellant), 1.16 cu.m of missiles, 4.6 cu.m of Torpedoes. 
  7. The Vehicle Bay mechanics are interesting because it affects the doctrine of using Drones to as Platforms to employ difficult to defend attacks. A ship deploys a drone, that deploys a torpedo, that deploys a beam/directional explosion at a target or decoys to attack the sensors.  
  8. ll using the Schelling Point Space Combat Mechanics where the GM just works back from the Schelling Point in a measure of PC actions - the GM doesn't have to give exact distances or calculations. The GM just need to determine the strategies before hand, and for the Random Encounter Table - the GM has to have a Play Book. 
The shelling Point Space combat can be used to structure all Transit or Space encounters - Have an Event/Event Horizon - then work back the actions to the Event/Event Horizon. From Approaching a Port, Approaching Jump. What it takes to Survive or Win or Turn the tables are guidelines that have to be in such playbook. 

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