Thursday, May 7, 2020

Survivorship Bias: you never hear about the losers; Traveller's Losers

Growing up wanting to be an Artist - I never heard about the losers - the people who failed to be artists. That's why I kinda like telling people I'm one of many who didn't make it, no one ever hears about or considers those who didn't make it. It seems society tends to turn a blind eye to it. 

This basically means I should make all the Sample Spreadsheet of Ship Operations with Critical Flaws. I need to look at some old Accounting text books to look for some typical business problem while I do have a lot of real life problems to draw from. The challenge is that in Scifi TRPG the problems have data already - its symptoms are in the books, but not the cause. 
  • Work in Progress Built-up, speculative cargo with no payoff or strategy. The Speculative cargo are all "great deals" relative to their prices have accumulated - reducing remaining cargo hold and occupying 
  • Growing Overhead with no end in sight. The Maintenance Overhead of the ship keeps growing and the engineering crew is insufficient to manage the technical debt. 
  • A crew working with smaller margins in competitive but safe areas, loaded out for frontier safety but operating near hubs.  

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