Thursday, June 4, 2020

A shuttle sketch

Used GURPS vehicles and ISW to sketch out the ideas. This is something I wanted to know when I decided that I'll keep reaction mass. and Change how travel works. To make this decision work I needed to know what kind of shuttle can ships hold. this 5dton or 70cubic meter TL9 20m shuttle seems to kinda make it. 

Handwave Log
  1. Fusion Rockets that do not Perform as Good as baseline Traveller M-Drives. GURPS ISW kinda got it at 50 tons of thrust per 1 ton of Mdrive. In GURPS Vehicles the TL10 fusion rocket is about 40 tons of thrust per 1 ton of rocket engine. 
  2. This means A space ship stays in space and cannot enter Gravity wells they do not have enough delta V to escape from. Which means
    1. Space Stations - which because of the Expanse (Audio books) I've gotten equipped to run. 
    2. Gravity Well Infra of mass drivers, space elevators, and sky hooks will dressing of many worlds. 
    3. A lot of moving Reaction Mass as part of essential business. A lot of TL9 - Children of the Dead-Earth Ships. If I hand wave the need for reaction mass - all these types of ships and radiators disappear from the setting. 
    4. All ships need a Taxi'ng vehicle that moves them from space to plannet. Ideally a small enough vehicle that mass drivers and sky hooks can hurl. 
  3. Jump Drives double as a Warp Drive. just handwaving that the Jump Drive allows ship to x10 their Accel. 
  4. I haven't figured out Radiators and Heat Management. 

A quick Sketch of a Shuttle. 
Consumption (cubic meter/hr)
StreamliningStreamlining 51.3550.01665581515
Frame GradeStandard11
Frame StrLight0.50.5
Frame TLTL90.6752.5
Fuel Tank10.071.00
Thrust (Tons)TL9 Fusion Rocket220.000.9911.02$1,102,268.60
Life Support
Power Plant

FUEL (cubic meter)Ship MassAccelDuration (hours)Km/s

2m x 1m x 1.5m ... I blocked off the space the passenger would need. 
The engine should have an air scoop for atmospheric flight. But uses internal tanks for space. 
Orthographic Top view
Orthographic Front

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