Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Quick Combat Update June 24 2020

This is system I just want to make because I want to apply the concepts I like from various systems like Cepheus Engine/Traveller, Dungeon World/Apocalypse Engine, The Fantasy Trip, GURPS, and experience in what works. 

This is meant to be Quick Character Generation with a fist full of D6 and some scratch Paper.
Then Start the combat with some scenarios and see if my son takes to it. 

The design influences are
  • Turns have no Interruption actions. No opportunity attacks or reactions, players just know there are Automatic Effects that affect their roll and character when they perform certain actions.  A player or GM does not interrupt the other player. 
  • No GM rolls. Failure results in Costs and Damage. 
  • Fewer Rolls. Use of Margin of Success/Failure and Fail Thresholds. 
    • One Roll per Turn. 
    • One throw Many Dice. Damage and a Confirmation D20 is rolled as part of the 3d6.  
  • Death Spiral. Penalties and Costs accumulate.  
  • Limited Modifiers
    • Competence (skill and stat or ability mod)
    • Advantage
    • Condition 
    • Scale

  1. 200413 Quick Combat - Weapons and Armor

    1. Finish the Weapons and Armor. 

    2. Adventuring Gear remains. 

    3. Template Equipment Remains. 

    4. 200425 GITB Quick Combat - Combat Mechanics

      1. Fatigue and Exhaustion

      2. Healing and Recovery of Stress, Trauma, Fatigue, Exhaustion, and 

        1. Uses of Medicine

      3. Condition Levels are 0,-1, -3,-7, -10

      4. Combat Actions Clarification. 

        1. Defend. How does it work in 1 side rolls system?

          1. I guess you roll when you're being attacked if you haven’t attacked on your turn. 

          2. So on your turn you either Attack or Are Attacked. When defending a success means getting to continue what your doing. Certain Feats, Class Features, etc.. allow characters to deal damage even when defending. 

          3. When defending possible to use an Athletic Skill or A different combat skill depending on the context.

          4. If the character is Interposing themselves against an Adversary and Choosing to Defend, they were not performing anything else, they have an Advantage to the Roll.  

          5. If you are attacked, roll against the DC of the Adversary (10 + Competence + Scale). Roll using your Competence + Scale. 

          6. Failure by the Fail Threshold (Skill Modifier) is to abort any action you were going to do. 

          7. Characters can have a Costly Failure by Choosing to Take the Damage even if they did not exceed the Failure Threshold (Level of Skill) to Continue their Action.    

          8. Defending Only Action - grants an Advantage on a Success for the Action of the Next Turn.. 

        2. Ready Actions. 

      5. Actions like Running. Dex roll for Running. 

        1. 1 round of sprinting 

        2. 1 minute of running 

        3. 10 mins of jogging  

      6. Damage

    5. 200424 GITB Quick Combat - Basics and Characters

      1. Dash Feat. Better Movement. 

      2. Forgot the Shields Table. Shields Modify the Fail Threshold. 

      3. Off-hand weapon is its Own and Separate Skill. It can grant a Shield effect increasing the Fail Threshold so the character can avoid taking damage, but not as effective as shields. . 

      4. Oh yeah Skill Modifier for Margin of Failure. 

    6. 200419 GITB Quick Combat - Test Characters

      1. Update the features and Load outs. 

      2. Finish Loadouts for Legionnaire and Guardsman.

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