Thursday, June 11, 2020

Progress with Scout

What makes the First Career Draft difficult is all the Character Creation Mechanics that needs to be organized. I'm used to being the Idiot who cannot recall a piece of information that is a few pages back so I layout with heading links and re-explaining concepts covered in the Character Creation in the Scout's pages. So I cover Stats, Skills, background, mustering and benefits. Under the Scout I cover them again so the reader doesn't have to check back some key concepts (like d6 Stat+ or d6 Stat-; Injury, Aging, Enhancement, Medical). 
In the current activity of the Player, the notes should all be there in a 2 page spread. He can accomplish the process or mechanic in that two-page spread. 
I realize I should have a "Take Note" superscript  on items. Stuff like benefits, Rolls for survival, or Career Event Rolls etc.. 
  1. Social Service Career. In light of the Collective lesson the world is learning and the Prisoners dilemma of Escalation (very similar to the Cold War Arms escalation when if violence is met with continuous escalation inevitable is Annihilation; Comparable to the Dollar Auction effect) 
      1. They have a well-rounded training seen in their service skills.
      2. Their Events gains them a lot of contacts to reflect the good will they make. 
      3. In the Events, if its a Mediator they get Political rolls.  
      4. They deal with Unrest, Disaster, Political protests, Resistance. Sometimes they are within the Law and sometimes they are outside the law.  Maybe a mechanic that makes a Politics roll an Injury Roll when outside the law and the Fail Margin is Prison. Simplify the Prison in the Draft of Character Creation. 
    1. Rescuer. Firefighters, Rangers, and EMT Rescue. Physical demanding rescue jobs. 
    2. Medic. EMT, Medical Rescue, Emergency Doctors, etc...Focused on the Medicine side. 
    3. Mediator. Ombudsman, Arbiters, Advocate, Councilors, etc… various Conflict Management specialists that confront conflict and sorts things out and more often improves the quality of life of its population. 
  2. 200607 Scout Creation
  3. Considered Draft Version 1. 
    1. Version 1. Enough to Roll up a Character with enough Fudge. Ask a friend to see if he can understand it enough to be able to make a character. . 
    2. I need to clarify my goals for Draft Version 2. Maybe cleaned up that it looks presentable. 
    3. What would Draft version 3. Notes to sustain other Careers or tweaking. 
    4. Next is Drifter or Soldier.  
    5. When drifter or soldier is finished - Social Service, Enterprise, Navy, and Civilian. 
  4. Removed Advancement Step. 
    1. Just made Advancement a Success Effect.
    2. Simplified Discharge and Punitive Discharge as a Fail Effect. 
  5. Added One Politics Roll in Scout.  
  6. I had to clarify and detail a Pre-Qualifying Step. 
    1. these are the requirements prior to making the Qualifying Roll 
    2. Like the character who come from different careers cannot just jump into a career without 3 of the Service Skill.
  7. Clarified the Training Step in the Term. 
    1. Basic Training and conditions for basic Training.
    2. The FUNCTIONAL training is where the Player chooses a Table to roll, but has little control over what 
  8. Challenges. 
    1. I made it that the Training Tables entries work under this Logic: 
    2. There are better odds of Raising a Skill 
      1. with skill groups. 
      2. More than One Option per Row. 
    3. Problem: 
      1. When specific skills are needed, but 
      2. When the character already has it they are free to raise it or get another of the same group or specialize in a new skill. 
    4. Editing and the Myopia of Editing my own work. 
      1. Editing is Tedious because when I decide on a mechanic, I have to check if it's consistent within the entire document. 
      2. By making it consistent I refer to the same concepts again and again (repetitive actions and memory errors). I have to make sure when I copy-paste I don’t edit it AND if I need to change it, change all the instances. 
      3. This makes me realize I should use a Google Spreadsheet for these Elements that way its a Single Source and Updates Automatically BUT.
      4. The layouting of a Cell Reference takes up more space. 
      5. We can try it in Draft version 2. 

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