Monday, June 22, 2020

Cost of the Liberty Ship, Victory Ship, and the Type C2 Ship.

I'm using this as a Baseline for my KiloTon TL9 ships. to the Page. 

The Book is free, I have to check if its Public Domain.

Historical Reports on War Administration, War Production Board. Documentary Publication

TIL in WW2 the

1,845,520 USD of the Liberty Ship. 26,280,204.8

2,522,800 USD of the Victory Ship 35,924,672

3,380,400 USD of the Type C2 Ship 48,136,896

Inflation at 14.24 from 1945 to 2020

Notice the Ratio of Production comparison. 2700, 500, and 100. It can be a basis for how long it takes to make, a factor that even if you have the funds speed may be a factor. 


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