Thursday, June 18, 2020

Walled Garden of Apple - the Vilani Nobility's Tech Monopoly and Cartels

In Gurps Traveller Interstellar Wars (2200 to 2300s; 2100-2299 ) the Vilani being an Imperial Monopoly and Cartel going crazy will allow for REALLY expensive but good tech. Black Boxing the Tech - vs Open Tech - Give them the Apple Experience: Walled Garden TL10-11. Its Outcast Systems or People get the sudden shock of being left on their own and slowly having to raise back their Tech levels. 

It's funny that the Implications of a Cartel and Monopoly not mentioned or raised the way what naturally happens with Inequality (high Gini coefficient). It reminds me of Doublespeak: A sanitized way to say a "High Gini Coefficient" without having to say life is so cheap, every day its snuffed out over petty reasons of prestige and appearance. 

It is as inevitable as Gravity when some humans are so detached to the suffering of the rest that they become disconnected and dehumanize with these people. Empathy like any brain organ - loses functionality when left to atrophy. 

In walled Garden Tech - the role of humans becomes more DISPOSABLE - since you don't want them breaking the monopoly and redistributing knowledge and wealth. The system works contrary to reality. the Great Houses in the Vilani is closer to the Waylan-Yutani type mega Corporations in Aliens. Of course, all propaganda says otherwise, but Policy has a lot of doublespeak that can be evidence of the deception. 

Imagine that draw from Cyberpunk and Modern-day Technology Movements (Right to repair, Open Science) creating that Messy Dirty ragtag Solomani Navy (metric mega ton TL9 structures with jump drives) against the Sleek Elegant and sophisticated Apple Vilani lolz (enclosed metric kilo ton structures, with toruses for the nobility). 

Android devices are the Baseline but compared to Apple - android being replaced every 2 years vs Apple's and MS's decade long support. 

Take aways
Imagine the Torus or Spin Gravity being a Monopoly and requires a License to produce lolz. 

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