Friday, September 9, 2022

Exploiting Traps and Problems.

My favorite thing about Science and Biz is that the FORCES balance out. I'm listening to Space Oddesy 2001 and remember the line "Nature always balances the books" when explaining the Slingshot to Saturn. 

In a Conan Game, we learned there were other Treasure Hunters other than us, so we did what every 80-90s Cartoon Villain would do - let the Good guys do all the work and jump them when they find the treasure. It partially worked - we got the competition to set off all the Traps. We were so "Fresh" that we fought off the bonus encounter. "the Deceiver" guy was killed and we enjoyed the game. I for one loved seeing the context clearly and exploiting it. 

My regret with Mutant Chronicles was not EXPLOITING the 10-man gang. exploiting the Trap. I should have placed a letter telling them that the Bldg manager was going to exploit them for more cash and to meet him in the 4th Floor. That would have been SWEET. 

These opportunities are there and can be found in many adventures when you study them as written. Exploiting these problems is just understanding the Potential and Motivations - and HAVING THE INFORMATION to exploit these. 

Sorry, this is what I do at work, learn people's motives and make many EQ and Admin Rolls to let the Inertia of huge forces be redirected to create VIRTUOUS Cycles. I love practicing it in games, and working with more and more NUANCED situations. 

You don't get the next generation Geniuses from being BORN, you train a bunch of students to think - get them to have game-in-the-brain - they think like a gamer and SOLVE problems. You teach them to ENJOY and find the thrill of it. Teaching them sustainable means so they can keep rolling with no crit-fail. 

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