Wednesday, September 7, 2022

update : day job emergency over, starting up again.

Nicco has finished his day job duties and proceeding to update the Mneme world generator with the changes we implemented upon discovering some problems with the system (with spreadsheets we can test the system faster and make finer adjustments)

I on the other hand I'm juggling the structured cabling a home. While I'm done with my dept reports for my day job, I'm now coordinating the repairs of our Condominum unit - structured cabling to the auxiliary room.

So mentally I'm not all there ūüėÖ. 

I'm aware I have a strong urge to lose myself writing, designing and planning. 

I'm considering training a third member of our team so that we can delegate some day job duties to them. Training a new person is not as tedious as people Think, for me it's a review of what I know and what I forgot to do.

Of course that means I have to budget their cost in Google workspace (50usd per year) and of course look for a non existent budget for them.

I've advanced all the payments since the family biz was late to pay nicco (so he's getting paid by the family biz for his day job work) - so I've already paid for all the improvements for Mneme world generator to electrum milestone.

I don't know if people will like it. Well Iike it and I'll be offering to run it - cepheus delux + Mneme combat. The ships will be temoriarily Orbital 2100 (since nicco and i will make more detailed cepheus engine TL 6 to 9 ships which is Mneme TL 6 to 16 - inspired by children of a dead earth, nebulous fleet command, Delta-v, Andy Weir books, and the expanse). 

Anyway I'll be reverting the prices to their full price (10usd) and then create the discounts based on the monthly or quarterly promotions of Drivethru rpg (who give free marketing for those who align their discounts with their events).

Mneme will specialized in cepheus engine TL 6 to 9 and a future speculated by the demographics of HANS rossling's gap minder ( the open database of demographic data). so africa and south Asia will be the largest economies very far from America, China, Asia Pacific economies, South America and EU. 

Adventures set in 2100 to 2500 common era. Where around 2300 early extra sol adventures begin with risky and unreliable drives like amerigo and Magellan type risks. You can still have 200 years of extra sol adventures even if you have age of sail risks. 

Around 2500 you have drives comparable to the reliability of flights and shipping of the 21st century. Most traveller is in the end of the second millenium. 

Of course making the contents of the Near Sol procedural means we can make a spreadsheet that can create a detailed system on a click. 

If we get enough sales nicco and I can explore making a Godot or javascript app to procedurally generate all this. Ships and system to be heavily visualized so that the GM can easily set the mood and theme. 

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