Friday, September 16, 2022

First Time to do Customer Support - Taught a buyer how to use Blender


So i dont mind helping people learn Blender or GIMP (or ERPNext, GCP, and various other things). If people know how to use open source tools they will use it, the learning part is the biggest accessibility challenge. My main problem is really the schedule - If I can schedule it on time. Sadly I won't be able to support many people because of time zones. If we grow big enough maybe ūüėÖ

So we recorded the sessions so no need to take notes. Although here is the manual and its also included in the book.

I realize we need to clarify the following:

  1. How to make thicker and thinner clouds.
  2. Bigger or Smaller Continents 
  3. and with the new Tutorial how to make new Rings. 
  4. performance expectations - how long it will take to render. Example at 2x1 k pixels it took 20 seconds on my RX550, doubling the dimensions increases the time by x4 to 80 seconds. 
    1. He wanted to know how much time it will take to prepare for a game. Which is something we considered in the planning. 
    2. If it was Just making it different from the last planet then it will be easy. But trying to follow Flavor text for how the planet should look is going to be hard. 
    3. We will need to give tips how to use the files, like using GIMP or Slides (Nicco uses Slides because its so easy to just add icons and just download as JPG or PDF or PNG. 

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