Saturday, September 24, 2022

Some Updates - experimenting with Video unfortunately I'm rambly

  • need to review the manual
  • the files look good. 
  • target October. 
  • getting close to affording the tablet for Nicco (300usd for the XP pen 15 tablet). 

This is an experiment realizing that I can talk about technical and scientific matters after realizing some gamer YouTubers would rant about matters they don't know anything about and create huge followings out of it. I realized that having a place where people can un-constructively criticize people without nuance can create a large audience , I want to experiment if people who want to talk about science and technical challenges can be a better alternative. 

What value do I offer that would better be the Catharsis of dogpiling on someone who cannot defend their point? Can talking about science fiction Traveller geekery be better than that? Lets experiment of course I don't have the SOC or INT for that. but I can make rolls and get lucky. 


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