Sunday, September 11, 2022

Planet Generator Blender File UPGRADE - new more realistic landmass

Daniel Grove is where Nicco and I get a lot of Ideas for Traveller-Cepheus Engine, particularly using blender to create the material.  We are using his new tutorial to create a more detailed world. 

For comparison, this is how our original world generator generates procedural worlds. 
Nicco just gave me the new version for trouble shooting and I had to relearn to create UVMap baked textures. I forgot you have to make an Image texture node. Create a NEW image - name it. Go to Shading and set it up. and Configure Baking settings properly (Diffuse). We will go into more detail once the new version is done and we will create a new video.  

This is the file exported. as you can see it has too little contrast. not good for old eyes. 

GIMP > Colors > Levels to increase the contrast. 
It was too dark I had to go to GIMP and BRIGHTEN it up by going to levels. 


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