Saturday, September 17, 2022

Got Covid - in Quarantine expected a 2 week delay

 We have covid in the family and I have a history of going down the worse when ever we get sick. So in the next 10-15 days I'll probably be unable to meet my targets. 

Targets will be shifted

  1. New Blender Proceedural Planet Generator was supposed to be  before Sep 23. Expect it to be by October first week. Lets call it BPPGv3 for short
  2. Spreadsheet Edits - targeting 6 additional Columns October 15
  3. New Version of Mneme World Builder with the Edits and Art from the New BPPGv3 October 30. 
  4. Copper Milestone November first week. 3 Procedurally Generated Systems using the Spreadsheet that is detailed - complete with Planets and Art from  BPPGv3 and icons for detailing your worlds. 
  5. 2013 Scifi Notes updated this is an Open source Hard Scifi Setting that details the technological and Economic and Demographic Development of Sol from 2050-2500 (with a target of going up to 2700). What's special here is the detailed Tech Level notes and Doctrine (I'm particular about what are the best practices based on technology and how they change due to disruptive tech - Imagine how Drone warfare and better capacitors and batteries will change missile defense and the entire strategic landscape of warfare in 2022 onward, or Orbital Manufacturing etc... - inspired from my work in a developing world company in the Philippines).   

Wondering if I can have a public calendar on game in the brain. 

If you had a headache because you couldn't predict the impact of some technology which your Players exploited - that should have been common practice - then you are interested in Doctrine. Doctrine is like Physics - why certain practices dominate. Eliyahu Goldratt, a physicist who developed the Theory of Constraints framework used in Lean Manufacturing talks about this a lot: he set up a framework how to understand the role of technology - which is used to figure out how to better use tech. His lecture about ERPs and TOC is a framework in approach how Tech assumptions and rule changes will impact practice. 

This also helps understand Changes in technological landscape. 

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