Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Cepheus Engine Space Combat Challenges

 2-Parsec is not complete without a good space encounters. fixing up the rules so this is as smooth as possible is what we hope to do. 

  1. Damage Rules. Holy Crap I had to reread Damage page 158 over and over again. Like 10x. It needs to be broken into clearer sentences OR use what many of us plebs use: bullet points. 
  2. Maneuvering. It was going to use the Thrust Point systems of Mongoose Traveller and decided against it and there was a Maneuver Phase ommited. Thats not a problem, Delta-V budget/Reaction Drives is WAY better and thanks to Expanse more exciting. 
    1. This has a LOT of implications. 
  3. Combat Organization. This is not GM & Player Friendly - if you liked us creating Charts and Maps - then you will like the 2 page aid we are going to make: Nicco is going to make it more elegant because I would have made it look like a quickly drawn Mind Map. 
  4. Ready and fun Practice Scenario.  rules practice scenarios should be an option and encourage in writing game books. I will prepare one and run it. it should take 30 minutes to run. Nicco and I will demo it. This is using the tools. 
I pray to Seth Skarkowsky the patron saint of User Friendliness and Consistent details in adventure writing. 

1) significant. What makes it significant is the reduced amount of time I feel I have writer's block and tense and powerless. Much less than yesterday and much less than last week. 
2) Sadly, I'm slow. Filling up an A5/Statement and B5 Notebook (a bit smaller than a letter) by hand is a new thing. Strangely My brain needs me to write my bad handwriting to get ideas out. I will consolidate them electronically after I exercise them. 
3) Nicco is done with Bastet Station: 1.3 GB Blender file. The file will be available with the book but I guess I have to host it elsewhere. 

Tentative Outline
  1. Problem Statement: Infinte DeltaV
    1. Reaction Drive Mechanics
    2. Reaction Drive Fuel
    3. Jump
    4. Power Plant
    5. Delta-V Budget
  2. Ship Operations
    1. Intrastellar Travell
    2. Roles and Functions
      1. Pilot
      2. Sensor/Navigator
      3. Sensors/Comms
      4. Engineering
      5. Gunner
  3. Ship Combat
    1. Basics and Outline. 
    2. 2-Page Diagrams and Guide. 
    3. Initiative and Actions 
      1. Roles and Functions
      2. Significant Actions
      3. Minor Actions
    4. Damage and Effects. 
  4. Sample Scenarios - use it as Prelude or part of the backstory of the Crew. 
    1. Pirate Ambush. a simple scenario where the Players discover a ship that is on a Distant Intercept. (3 Pirate Armed Shuttles vs Merchant Freighter)
    2. Security Force Raid. a small force (3 System defense boat vs a Raider) who intend to chase down a well known raider. 

This will be part of World Generator along with 2-Parsec. 
It will have  PWYW version with just the ships for the scenarios. 
It will have a Paid version with all the CE SRD ships converted and Nicco making 3d Ship art for all these. 

Mneme Ships will be a dedicated version of this where there is an overhaul. The overhaul changes the Dtons to mass and volume tons (metric). It will have the above but a much simpler combat system (less steps). It will have a spreadsheet for easy creation of Ships. This will have the 3d blender ships as well, but including the Interior 3d Maps of the ships. Again all the models are part of the product so the people who buy it can play around with it and customize their ships. When you learn to change colors, add decals, etc... it is quite empowering. When you blog about your game, you can have the renders about it. 

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