Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Equipment and Reaction Drives Easy Fix Bonus Material

 I have to include Equipment and Ship Easy fix in the 2-Parsec add-on. I will make it, its own product later on but to make the adventures more usable, I have to include it. 

I went down the rabbit hole of Vacc Suits. particularly the EVA and the IVA Suit. I forgot all the things I learned from my last foray into this. 

Anyway, I had to make a New Column in the Mneme Equipment Spreadsheet - a Column for its TONs because some of the equipment mentioned will need to be detailed for ship storage. 

Examples are the Fabricators, Collapsible Vacuum Cabins, and the supplies for these. I need to improve on writing game material because work got me out of practice. I'm enjoying work because of the new Batch of Student Interns who I am training to deploy "High tech ERPs" in our developing country. 

I will provide the spreadsheet on the dedicated Product. 

What is harder to do these days is focus. So many problems simultaneously jumping in front of my attention to act on. I have to keep a physical notebook to slow my brain down to write AND use lo fi music to calm the busy parts of my brain. 

It would be great to one day just focus on this: wake up in the morning - exercise, drill in Chinese, and just hammer away at writing this (ideally with AI's breaking writers block). 

the easy fix for engines is  simple formula, basically Fuel Tanks determine delta V budget and I bench marked it all against the ships in Simple Rockets 2. You get a pretty decent delta-V budget per ship. I'll try to convert the Book ships to Cepheus Engine TL7-9 stats. 

Tech Level is so distributed and diffuse. Collectively we are at a particular Tech Level (example CE TL6.5 which is Mneme TL8) , but areas have lower tech level (like the Philippines and other Developing Countries are a TL or two behind Collectively; you can get the same goods as in developed countries but you pay more for it) and the highest tech level are in patches. 

Tech Level is a reflection of Infrastructure and Systems. If enough prerequisite systems are of a given tech level you have the Top Tech level available, but if some areas in the system has inefficiencies and lower tech level then the collective TL drops. 

Mneme World Generator goes into the Developing and underdeveloped world A LOT!!! I think there are few other Developing World writers in Game design that appreciate the huge difference in this collective condition. As some developed countries titter near instability, as institutions collapse, you can see how much was taken forgranted. Like Economic metrics, its a Collective Measure - in a game where Players are MIGRANTS! lolz. 

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