Sunday, December 11, 2022

Mneme: Space Elevators - Trees of Life

 Bradley C Edwards's Space Elevator is a KEY PILLAR in the Tech levels in Mneme. Its not just a SPACE ELEVATOR its the TREE OF LIFE.

Humans will not settle on a Space elevator - the thousands kilometer structure that is a space elevator will be mass-produced for the following:

  1. harvesting of Metallic Hydrogen and Minerals from Ice and Gass Giants, 
  2. Inertia Banks 
  3. Space Habitats and Inertia banks - where there is a RING habitat near its center, parallel to the spiraling tether
  4. Jump Capable Bases.
Klem - This vector image was created with Inkscape by Klem, and then manually edited by Mnmazur 

The Yin-yang Arms of the Space Elevator become the symbol of life in Mneme in the hundreds of years that will follow. the Butterflies - huge Autonomous Mirrors that reflect energy back to the Space Elevator (its a solar sail, with ion thrusters and uses gravity to travel) and are symbionts that feed of the nutrients and material the Space elevator generates and become the key symbiosis that will allow for major terraforming. 

There are two Forms:
  1.  the straight form as it raises material up from the gravity well and 
  2. the Yin-yang form - as it catches and moves material TO or FROM the space elevator or orbit of the gravity well. The yin Yang form is also the form it takes as it harvests material from the surface of Gass or Ice worlds. 

These space Elevators, which are later mass-produced in Mars because of the gravity, proximity to the belt and Jupiter, and the billions of humans that settle in mars on their way to the outer solar system -  later begin the terraforming of the Planets (ice and gass worlds) - creating the Mass Drivers that send giga tons of Carbon ICE to Mars from Venus: Mars builds these space elevators that orbit around Venus harvesting atmosphere for building material and sending surplus to Mars. 

As I detail the Tech Levels - the extensive use of Space Elevators - these spiraling batteries of inertia - energy amounting to accumulated giga ton bombs. 

The Purpose of the Technology in Scifi is a vehicle for the story. The Space Elevators - is a vehicle for interstellar colonization (and in the beginning, intra-stellar colonization). it sets the stage of how humans are able to move material that would be a years of Economic Activity for humans (example the 4.4 Billion tons of concrete generated in 2021) - imagine that 4.4 Billion tons of material is just the economic activity of one of the Large Federated/Confederated States that make up Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Ceres, etc... in a quarter or a period. 

This allows the players and people immersed in a setting to know why a trillion dollar ship is the property of a Non-State like an Individual or a group of Traveller. 

The likeliness that Human Civilization will send these Terraforming seeds into other star systems to make it ready for humans OR for humans to find other civilizations using the technology. 

People will discover that that space elevators are Cool the way Trains are Cool. 

Like the Butterflies and Bees, the PCs and their ship Feed the economies that arise from the Space Elevator - these trees of life. 

By the time I will be writing short fiction for this Nicco and I would have a lot of the material for everyone to make their own fiction. 

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