Sunday, December 18, 2022

Science and Math Review today - Speeds and TNT

 Today I had to review the following:

TNT equivalents reminded me that joules to TNT has a particular formula and not merely a higher order of Joules. specifically 4.184*10^12. 

That a Missile in Cepheus Engine with about 0.83 metric tons of mass, 1 hour of Accel of 10G has delta-V of 352 KM/s and the energy of 6.8 Beirut Explosion blasts. 

Energy Scaling is one the weird things the current Traveller setting. 

Again the great thing about Open Gaming License is that you can make a harder sci-fi of Traveller/Cepheus Engine (or Old School Scifi RPGs). 

I'll save the spreadsheets and more detailed explanation for the appendix. 

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