Sunday, December 18, 2022

Thank you for the Patronage, Week 49 sales Dec 11-17 2022

 Wow! a sale and someone decided freely to get the Cards. Its less than a handful who both PWYW the 6 cards and got the 24 Career Cards. I hope people check the Preview since I make the entire thing Available in the Previews so they know what they're getting. 

  • Nicco is working on the 3D blender Models of the Space Stations using Daniel Grove's Kitbash kits. 
  • I'm writing up the equipment and the EASY fix for the reaction drives. My problem is that I have to write a "paper" its not like one of my many long winded posts. I have to really rewrite it a number of times. 
    • I've been rewriting it both on Paper and on gdocs I'm about at 5x now; Every time I had to re-write it because I had to STOP and create a spreadsheet to double check my claims. 
    • Nicco is the same, he had to rebuild the ship design after reviewing the appropriate cubic meters of volume needed. We are thinking of sticking to 100 cubic meters per person for Permanent Habitation with a community and factoring the the tennis racket theorem or the Dzhanibekov effect . *
  • I'll be taking my leave from work on Dec 23, so by 26 onward I have time to really focus and relearn a lot of science. As mentioned I don't get to do the algebra of rocket equations a lot in my line of work - I love learning the math (it was one of my weakest subjects even if I did get to pass the exam to be BS Math) its just that life wont give me a living in it and I missed my chance. Spending Xmass week writing or "Being the game writer I always dreamed about" is pretty much a vacation to feeling powerless at work as an IT and Plant Head. 
  • Hopefully I finish them all - my main obstacle these days is that my workouts and getting longer, my attention more fractured, and my Anki is taking longer to do (a distracted multi tasking 3 hours). 

I too want to get to the part where I'm making 3d space ships and Space stations with Nicco and rendering them in my R5 2600 with its RX 550 and the GTX 980 a friend lent me. The ships I want to detail - vertical layouts (like in the Expanse) on the Orbiters aka Shuttles, Ring Habitats, and 

*I think the people who will like our stuff like the harder scifi like Andy Weirs. I forget another source of inspiration: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. Particularly the Mega Structures. 

Check out Oliver Rothe's Blender made space ship scenes. I want it that a Simple (Eevee) scene can be made by the people who buy our ship book in the future. Enough tools so that the GM can render a Flyby of an Enemy or the Ship of the Crew, as well the ability to customize it. The beautiful thing about Blender and giving people access to the models is that they can customize it and really Immerse. 

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