Friday, March 15, 2013

First Time to Play Roll20 and G+ Hang out

+Michael Keenan for GMing, +Vaclav Tofl+Jessie Foster, and +Jarad Jones

too bad my brother could not make it, he would have been the barbarian.


This is a great way to learn how the system works. Its prep intensive, I think more prep intensive for a GM who has adopted the "less is more" approach. There are some logistical challenges that have to be considered like back up mediums and strategies if some of the technology stops working.

Despite Prep intensiveness it is VERY easy to stop and pick up after where you left off. Its all there on the screen and if you have Gdocs linked in and everyone is typing on a Gdoc note for campaign notes you can stop very easily.

Its all about getting more practice and systematic about the prep and running. Since its a new medium, one that has very few opportunities because the community is still small, but growing. It really may be the new norm of the future.

Mics are important, because the built in mics on laptops get a lot of feedback. I could hear myself in the GM's speakers. I'm using the Note 2 earphones that came with the phone. its built in mic was very nice and did the job very well.

The GM side looked very hard, a lot of multi-tasking. If I ever did this kind of Game, I would like to borrow another screen and dual screen the game.

I'll try working with my brother to learn of to run a roll20 game, enough that I'll consider run a game sometime in the future.

This is the first GURPS game I've played in almost 7-8 years. Spielmeister was my only GURPS GM, and it seems he is the only GURPS GM all around the metro-manila area I know of. Now that he's living in Canada, it appears that I'm the only GURPS GM left :(

Anyway, we ended about a few minutes ago.

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