Saturday, March 23, 2013

Statement size on my note 2

This is statement sized document on my note 2 with liberation sans at size 11. Readable, and so hopefully the gurps lite for fantasy turns ok. Half letter sized booklet should be attractive more readers than the letter size.

Must focus on self editing to keep to as few options as gurps lite but with wold card skills and some essentials.
Essentials for running a lite pick up game like those in VTT like roll20.

The GM just preps in about 4 hours initially (less as time goes by) and all the characters take no time. Easily adopting many DnD and OSR adventures.

GURPS with most of its rules is too heavy for the time available for me, or in comparison to the competition. Wild card skills may be abhorrent but when you only worry about 2-4 skills it's so awesome I'm out of compliments.

Focusing on OSR and being to jump and convert on the fly it to GURPS lite fantasy w/ wild cards or glfw.

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