Saturday, March 2, 2013

GURPS Traveller Character Gen Side Project

Here is my Statement-Sized Google Doc regarding GURPS 4E Traveller Interstellar Wars Character Gen. Basically its all my homebrew rules and considerations regarding GT4E.

I really cannot edit documents on my Note 2 without screwing with the styles, and that is a pain in the ass to fix every time I open the document on my Note 2 with Kingsoft Office.

Features I hope to incorporate over time:

  1. Character Life Path Generation Style - I can roll randomly for my characters like in Traveller. The statistics are conservative since characters can't be too weak, as to give too many problems. when you have an exceptionally weak character, it is rare that you might as well try playing him/her.  
  2. Packaged and Randomized Background and Disads - this is a feature that will allow faster character creation, and a plug in system that uses Disads to influence the Events tables. 
  3. Optimizing Skills list and definition - updated for Transhumanist futures - the future complicates but it also consolidates, consolidating skills and the tasks you can use with them. Removing redundant and pointless skills is a Homebrew, too many options which should be using the Optional Specialty Rules, Related Skill Rules, and Specialization Rules more consistently shrinks the skill list.  
  4. An Events Table. Why the character shipped out or why the character chose a riskier lifestyle.
  5. Notes on Stealth-less Ship Combat.

Plug in notes I am DREAMING to Incorporate. 
  1. Notes how to run a Naval Campaign. include a complete Ships and Ship doctrine similar to Honorverse including, complete with tokens, maps, sample scenarios (if you just want to duke it out) and fleet building rules. I will plug in my Entity Game System so that people can play Dukes/Admirals. A simple Boardgame style system for ground forces encounters.  
  2. Notes how to run it with MECHS (like Mechwarrior/Battletech)
  3. Notes how to run it like Fading Suns or Dune
  4. Notes how to run it like a Warhammer 40k, Imperial Army campaign.
  5. Notes how to run it like a Kitchen Sink Setting (including the variations of a Anime Style Epic Campaign, like Naruto/Bleach).   
  6. Notes how to run it Dis-empowerment Campaign (like Horror or Cthulhu)
  7. Notes how to run it like a Cyberpunk Campaign

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