Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hang Out and Learned how to use roll20 features

Thanks +James Austin  for hanging out and teaching me how to use Roll20 features. Specifically: Tabletop Tools > Fog of War > Dynamic Lighting. James is another happyjacks listener who consumed much of the

It may help make my GM, +Michael Keenan, job easier since he had to manually remove and put back the darknened areas. The dynamic lighting, along with a prepared  area can allow the lighting to be automated, take note that players can accidentally light up an area when they bring their token into the wrong area. This may happen if the passage is narrow and internet connection is crappy.

Since I finally have windows, the DREADED windows 8, I can finally invest in Campaign Cartographer and other tools. Although except for Qin, I'll start buying more GM tools once I have players and a game ready and interested.

I will definitely try to run GURPS Traveller with WIldcard skills, the skills being MG Traveller Skills.

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